The Two Sides of SEO

The Two Sides of SEO

If you have done any sort of research into SEO, you will have realised that it is becoming an increasingly complex area. Google do whatever they can to assess the value of sites, allowing them to provide us with the most relevant results when we search. As Google’s algorithm becomes more intelligent, there are more factors for us to think about when optimising our sites for search engine performance. With so many contributing factors, listing them all would be unfeasible, but we will outline the main key areas which must be considered.

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On-Site SEO

A significant chunk of SEO factors fall within this category. Ensure that you make effective use of title tags, images, videos and links when posting articles to your site. Make sure your content is written with seamlessly integrated keywords, giving your site as much exposure as possible. If you do not possess these skills, then employ professional copywriting services to do it for you. As well as this, you must ensure that your site is well structured, allowing Google to crawl as much of it as possible during indexing. Also, you should consider the amount of time it takes for your page to load. If it is very graphically heavy, the images will take longer to load, which will affect your search engine position.

Off-Site SEO

You cannot simply optimise what is on your domain itself and hope to rank highly. It is also essential to connect with other sites in order to increase your integrity and rank. Building a strong backlink profile is one of the best ways to do this. Find other sites, preferable in your niche, which are willing to post a link back to your site. If you manage to source these backlinks from authoritative sources, your rank will benefit greatly.

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