San Jose

San Jose

The third largest city in California, San Jose is also the largest city in the Silicon Valley and the oldest one in the state of California.

This is the Silicon Valley Heart

Often considered the heart of Silicon Valley, it is characterized as a leader of the world technology advancement. From research and production of high tech products, to state of the art information technology, San Jose is considered a premiere example of a technology driven society. With high wages and costs of living also comes a standard of living many consider to be ideal. The creative nature of work, large possibilities of advancement, great salaries and work environments attract some of the most prominent students from around the US and even the world.

With the Silicon Valley considered the leader in technology, San Jose has been dubbed the “capital of Silicon Valley”.

Good living and well educated working force

The city of San Jose has a large, steady income which it can use to improve the standard of living even further. Coupled with the fact that the worlds most notorious companies are situated right in the Valley it is hard to dismiss the lucrative possibilities it provides, especially for educated and experienced.


The population structure indicates that a majority of adults have at least a college degree.

What is really interesting is that San Jose, as a progressive society places quite some significance on high technology solutions, ecologically friendly power and environmentally friendly technology in general.


From hybrid cars to renewable energy sources such as solar power, the city tries to be a step ahead in terms of living conditions. The are the major benefit of living in a city. Who would not like to live in a town that is not polluted, great opportunities for earning above average income and great working conditions?

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