The business centre of Arizona

The business centre of Arizona

Business centre of Arizona state is surely the capital Phoenix. This great city hosts many technological companies and manufacturers. All those are making up to about 20% of the city budget and economy of the city is surely on the rise because of them.

6th largest city in USA

Phoenix is one of the largest cities in USA with over 1.5 million of population and over 4 millions living in metropolitan area. Phoenix is lying pretty much in the centre of Arizona state, north of Tucson, which is another important and second largest city in the state.

North east from Phoenix is Las Vegas (in Nevada) and on west are San Diego and Los Angeles both being stretched along the Californian beach. All mentioned cities are on the distance between 300-450 miles.


Enjoy your stay

Phoenix is a great place to visit, no matter if you’re a tourist or a Businessperson. Tourists can visit great canyons via helicopter tours or even on camel backs. Phoenix also hosts many great museums like Museum of Musical instruments. There’s also a botanical garden in the city really worth visiting and a great ZOO.


While in the city don’t miss the shows in one of the theatres and if you like history a St. Mary’s Basilica is also worth visiting.

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