Amigabit Data Recovery as the Best Windows Data Recovery Software

Amigabit Data Recovery as the Best Windows Data Recovery Software

Information known as data is very significant in the world of advanced technology today. Data stored in various devices may be worth more than a million – even more expensive than the device itself, so to say. This data may be very essential to our lives; it may even cause significant effects in our daily lives especially if you have a technology-based environment. Because of this, the importance of data is very crucial. Losing important data may have a huge impact on a person or a company itself. Data which may contain confidential files, important documents, videos and images should be well-handled because it may cause us our jobs or even our lives! But we need not worry because today, there are useful tools that may help us in these unfortunate events. If ever we encounter loss of data, there are recovery tools that are always available to aid us during this time. We then would like to present a very useful tool to your rescue – Amigabit Data Recovery.

In this article, several sections of this tool would be discussed and introduced. In the first section, we will be talking about the installing and downloading process.

How to Install Amigabit Data Recovery

The first step is to download Amigabit Data Recovery from its official website. After completing the installation, the main dashboard of this tool would appear. Here you will find some useful methods that are available. The checking out of the process of recovering will be done next to be able to analyse your lost information.

How to Recover your Information

It is very simple to recover lost data using Amigabit Data Recovery. You need not to study the process, it is just as easy as one two three. In a matter of seconds, you will be done with recovering lost information. If you have finished installing the program, you can then move on to the recovery process. However, there are various methods of recovering data depending on what kind of information it is. Here are the methods on how to recover your files.


I. Shortcut Mode Recovery

Beginners usually use this because it does not need expertise to recover data with this method. You would only provide the location of the file and the rest will be done by Amigabit Data Recovery. Answering some simple questions about your file will do the trick and you are good to go.

II. Format Recovery

This method is used if disks are accidentally formatted. If there are certain partitions in your system that is corrupted, this method will be very applicable.

III. Raw File Recovery

A hint of expertise for the user should be needed if he prefers this method. You can use this even though the file system is already corrupted. Veterans consider this method as one of the most useful for them.
The whole process is very simple knowing that you just have to give the location of the file. The RAW recovery which experts usually use even shows very simple and helpful tasks. Overall, this tool is very convenient and useful.

Plus Features

Another advantage when we use Amigabit Data Recovery is the part where the tool previews files first before doing the recovery process. This preview may help an individual especially if not all files need to be recovered. With this, one can only choose necessary files to be brought back. This feature is also applicable to certain document formats too. This additional feature makes Amigabit Data Recovery truly more reliable and above the line.

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