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Data recovery software for Mac has never been simpler!

Data recovery software for Mac has never been simpler!

There are quite a few data recovery software for Mac solutions available online. Spending hours trying to make sense of it all can be a tedious task, so I have decided to give you my top choice for data recovery (that happens to work great on any Mac platform). The tool is made by EaseUS and is a professional solution data recovery software for Mac. So far I have been able to get any piece of data I needed with the help of this tool so I have been doing some promotion of it.

Naturally there are also data recovery programs that work without a fee, but are rarely able to handle all the various file types and storage devices. Finding the time to get just the tool you need can be time consuming, so sticking to a piece of software that always works seems like a good plan for me.

If you do opt for a free solution though, be sure to check that it does not come with any ads and that it will work for the file types you are trying to restore (as well as for the way you lost your data- deletion, corruption etc.).


It is also worth a mention that some solutions work for some devices. For example the Mac recovery program I listed, also works on any hard drives, USB devices, the PC and even other Apple products, such as the iPad, iPod and the iPhone!

All in all, be careful when selecting data recovery software. Make sure it will work before using it.

Using Mac data recovery software can be done easily using premium tools

Using Mac data recovery software can be done easily using premium tools

If you happen to have lost access to your data and are a Mac use then you should consider using Mac data recovery software. There is quite a selection of tools available online, but it can become quite a challenge to find software that will recover all of the data you need, be it documents, images, presentations, video files and other vital information.

Before you decide to get a piece of software that will do the job, check that it supports the file type you want to extract (from my experience, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best tools and has yet to fail any recovery).

You have the option online to get free Mac data recovery software or a professional solution. The tool I mentioned before is a professional one, although I would recommend it to any user. Although it is an investment, it works on most file types and on many devices, not just the Mac, meaning you will be able to use it in the future to get the most bang for your buck.


Free solutions also work, but are often associated with excessive ads, registrations and do not always provide the solution you need.

All in all it is your decision how you want to recover data, but I for one value my time and can’t spend precious time (and nerves) trying to get the data I need. Often I need it urgently, but mostly I need it recovered safely and efficiently.

Top 5 Ways to Secure Your Computer from Hackers’ Attack

Top 5 Ways to Secure Your Computer from Hackers’ Attack

One group of technology developers is continuously working to improve internet security, while other one is working at same pace to break this security. The later discussed group is most commonly known as hackers and due to their presence your computer is at risk for the time you’re connected to the internet. You probably be thinking that staying offline is the best way to secure your computer from hackers’ attack. Well, this is simply not possible, because from email to online shopping, everything has become essential part of our lives and without all these we cannot move forward.


Depending on your internet usage and your knowledge about hacking attacks there can be various ways with which you can protect your PC from being attacked by hackers. But, for a common user, who doesn’t know much, below are few best practices suggested by internet security experts:

  1. Up to Date Operating System: Whether it’s Windows, Mac or any other OS, there’re always some loopholes including security issues, which are fixed by developers on continuous basis. This is what requires you to update your operating system. In case you do not have latest updates installed, your system’s chances of becoming victim of hackers’ attack increase considerably.
  2. Stay Behind a Firewall: All major operating systems come with a built-in firewall, which is a program designed to stop unwanted traffic on your computer. At times, this firewall is found turned off, which means there can be any type of intrusions on your PC. In order to surf safely on internet, make sure that your firewall is turned on.
  3. Use a Good Anti Virus Software: Antivirus software now come with much more intelligent features that enable them to detect any threats when computer is connected to the internet and you can stop a possible attack right there. Although antivirus software is a great utility to stay safe on internet, choice of right software matter a lot. Do check user reviews for an antivirus before buying it. Whilst antivirus software may seem expensive at first – you must ask yourself is your PC/Laptop worth it?
  4. Keep an Eye on Incoming Mails: Hacking attacks via email have become very common now, whereby you may receive a mail with very attractive offer and urging you to click on a link which automatically starts a virus download that steals data from your system and sends it to the hacker. This is one simple example of a hacking attack via email; there can be various other ways to trap you right from your inbox. The best way to encounter such situations is to stay away from unknown and strange mails.
  5. Download from Trusted Websites Only: There’re too many websites offering free songs, movies and software downloading. This may sound very attractive to have such goodies available for free, but you must know that most of these sources include viruses, spyware and malware that are automatically downloaded when you download a song or movie. To avoid getting all these in your system and securing your system, you must download from trusted sources only.
  6. Keep your PC upto speed: Having a slow PC is annoying in itself, it can occur due to a number of reasons, the main reasons are that you have a virus (download a paid antivirus software if you do, as many free ones don’t fully delete most viruses), you have to many files on your laptop/desktop – or you have some registry issues on your PC. There are many programs which offer to ‘speed up your PC’, however, I have found that many of them actually contain viruses themselves – which is obviously not what you want. I recently found PC Speed Doctor ( of which I can personally guarantee it doesn’t contain any viruses – and actually works.