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Professional data recovery in Los Angeles

Professional data recovery in Los Angeles

Losing data is bad for business. It is stressful and in many cases requires immediate attention. On this site you will find out how to find data recovery in Los Angeles.

What exactly is data recovery?

Firstly let’s say a few words on what data recovery actually is. As far as the benefits of recovering data, there probably is not much debate. Data drives the modern economy and many businesses rely not only on a large pool of disposable data, but also on data in their workflow. Continue reading “Professional data recovery in Los Angeles” »

When you need data recovery services in Qatar

When you need data recovery services in Qatar

In the modern world our lives depend heavily on our digital devices like computers, laptops, and smartphones, so it can be a real problem if they stop working. While the device can always be replaced, our data can’t, and we need to restore it from its internal memory. While this can’t always be done at home (like taking an SD card out of a dead laptop), there are still many ways to restore data from broken devices of all kinds. Qatar data recovery services has all the knowledge and tools available to get your data back up and running in no time. Continue reading “When you need data recovery services in Qatar” »

You can recover your files in Qatar from now on

You can recover your files in Qatar from now on

If you are wondering how you can recover files from your computer, then you are at the right place. First of all, we know how painful it can be for businesses or individuals to lose files, and this article is dedicated to help you figure out how to restore order on your computer. Recovering deleted files seems like an overwhelming task, but it is usually quick and with 100% success rate. Continue reading “You can recover your files in Qatar from now on” »

Data recovery software for Mac has never been simpler!

Data recovery software for Mac has never been simpler!

There are quite a few data recovery software for Mac solutions available online. Spending hours trying to make sense of it all can be a tedious task, so I have decided to give you my top choice for data recovery (that happens to work great on any Mac platform). The tool is made by EaseUS and is a professional solution data recovery software for Mac. So far I have been able to get any piece of data I needed with the help of this tool so I have been doing some promotion of it.

Naturally there are also data recovery programs that work without a fee, but are rarely able to handle all the various file types and storage devices. Finding the time to get just the tool you need can be time consuming, so sticking to a piece of software that always works seems like a good plan for me.

If you do opt for a free solution though, be sure to check that it does not come with any ads and that it will work for the file types you are trying to restore (as well as for the way you lost your data- deletion, corruption etc.).


It is also worth a mention that some solutions work for some devices. For example the Mac recovery program I listed, also works on any hard drives, USB devices, the PC and even other Apple products, such as the iPad, iPod and the iPhone!

All in all, be careful when selecting data recovery software. Make sure it will work before using it.

Using Mac data recovery software can be done easily using premium tools

Using Mac data recovery software can be done easily using premium tools

If you happen to have lost access to your data and are a Mac use then you should consider using Mac data recovery software. There is quite a selection of tools available online, but it can become quite a challenge to find software that will recover all of the data you need, be it documents, images, presentations, video files and other vital information.

Before you decide to get a piece of software that will do the job, check that it supports the file type you want to extract (from my experience, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best tools and has yet to fail any recovery).

You have the option online to get free Mac data recovery software or a professional solution. The tool I mentioned before is a professional one, although I would recommend it to any user. Although it is an investment, it works on most file types and on many devices, not just the Mac, meaning you will be able to use it in the future to get the most bang for your buck.


Free solutions also work, but are often associated with excessive ads, registrations and do not always provide the solution you need.

All in all it is your decision how you want to recover data, but I for one value my time and can’t spend precious time (and nerves) trying to get the data I need. Often I need it urgently, but mostly I need it recovered safely and efficiently.

Recovering Deleted or Lost Files on Mac

Recovering Deleted or Lost Files on Mac

Once many things were near to impossible, but time has changed and technology has improved things to a greater extent. For instance files once deleted from recycle bin were lost forever, but now recovering a deleted or lost file is matter of few seconds. There are many files recovery software available as well as operating systems are coming with data recovery tools. With so much ease, Mac users like any other OS users can now easily recover deleted files. Various methods of files recovery in Mac are discussed below:


  1. Using Time Machine: This is Apple’s built-in resource for data files recovery which is part of Leopard OS. Apple machines bought after November 2007 have the latest OS, Leopard loaded on them. Time Machine is a tool that you can use with extreme ease. All you need to do is to open the application, go to the point where you want to access your file, click “Restore” and you’re done. The program will recover the file and will place it in the folder where it was kept before deletion.
  2. Using Third Party Software: There is variety of third party software available for Mac with which you can recover your deleted or lost files, i.e. Stellar Phoenix, REMO Mac Recover etc. Stellar Phoenix can recover lost files from Mac hard drive after emptying Trash Bin as well as data loss due to any other reason. You can recover data from HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFS Wrapper, and FAT file system volumes. On the other hand, REMO Mac Recover can also recover data in all data loss situations including emptying trash. The efficient algorithms make it work quite faster as compared to other software. Furthermore, third party software for the recovery of deleted files on Mac include both paid and free options, but finding the right one needs little effort. Better is to check out user reviews on Mac forums before buying one.

Although Mac data recovery tools are very powerful and the third party tools are also intelligent enough to recover data, but there can be chances of not recovering the full data that has been deleted or lost due to changes on system, so the best way is to have backup prior to making any changes. Following are most common and much efficient methods for backup on Mac:

  1. Mac Membership: With Mac membership, you can back up your files to a hard drive, a CD/DVD or iDisk. You need to select a backup plan, which can be found in the Backup window. Just select the files you want to restore and click “Restore”. You can have full system backup as well!
  2. Using FileSalvage/ Data Backup 3: With this option for Mac backup, you can back up, restore and synchronize any files you want. Run the application, select the required settings and you can now travel back to find files and folders. You can also schedule your backups with this option which is really very useful in case of system failure.
Amigabit Data Recovery as the Best Windows Data Recovery Software

Amigabit Data Recovery as the Best Windows Data Recovery Software

Information known as data is very significant in the world of advanced technology today. Data stored in various devices may be worth more than a million – even more expensive than the device itself, so to say. This data may be very essential to our lives; it may even cause significant effects in our daily lives especially if you have a technology-based environment. Because of this, the importance of data is very crucial. Losing important data may have a huge impact on a person or a company itself. Data which may contain confidential files, important documents, videos and images should be well-handled because it may cause us our jobs or even our lives! But we need not worry because today, there are useful tools that may help us in these unfortunate events. If ever we encounter loss of data, there are recovery tools that are always available to aid us during this time. We then would like to present a very useful tool to your rescue – Amigabit Data Recovery.

In this article, several sections of this tool would be discussed and introduced. In the first section, we will be talking about the installing and downloading process.

How to Install Amigabit Data Recovery

The first step is to download Amigabit Data Recovery from its official website. After completing the installation, the main dashboard of this tool would appear. Here you will find some useful methods that are available. The checking out of the process of recovering will be done next to be able to analyse your lost information.

How to Recover your Information

It is very simple to recover lost data using Amigabit Data Recovery. You need not to study the process, it is just as easy as one two three. In a matter of seconds, you will be done with recovering lost information. If you have finished installing the program, you can then move on to the recovery process. However, there are various methods of recovering data depending on what kind of information it is. Here are the methods on how to recover your files.


I. Shortcut Mode Recovery

Beginners usually use this because it does not need expertise to recover data with this method. You would only provide the location of the file and the rest will be done by Amigabit Data Recovery. Answering some simple questions about your file will do the trick and you are good to go.

II. Format Recovery

This method is used if disks are accidentally formatted. If there are certain partitions in your system that is corrupted, this method will be very applicable.

III. Raw File Recovery

A hint of expertise for the user should be needed if he prefers this method. You can use this even though the file system is already corrupted. Veterans consider this method as one of the most useful for them.
The whole process is very simple knowing that you just have to give the location of the file. The RAW recovery which experts usually use even shows very simple and helpful tasks. Overall, this tool is very convenient and useful.

Plus Features

Another advantage when we use Amigabit Data Recovery is the part where the tool previews files first before doing the recovery process. This preview may help an individual especially if not all files need to be recovered. With this, one can only choose necessary files to be brought back. This feature is also applicable to certain document formats too. This additional feature makes Amigabit Data Recovery truly more reliable and above the line.

How to recover lost video data?

How to recover lost video data?

“While erasing various large motion picture submits off my HD today, i unintentionally erased 5 or so video files (tape-recorded from my Canon 7D simply last night) and i am having difficulty recovering them, please assist me”.– Forums. creativecowVideo file is also an additional type of information, so video files loss is also unavoidable. We can not see our videos files one day due to the fact that of previous unintentional deletion or trash folder empty on our Windows/Mac computer system or digital cam. Such situation really makes us panic.

Mac Lost/Deleted/Format Video File Rescuer–Softtote Mac Image Recuperation


If video files are accidentally erased or lost on Mac computer or digital cam like Canon, Nikon, etc., we still get a possibility to discover back as many videos as possible. Softtote Mac Data Recovery Software application is a great helper in this element. It is developed as 3 various editions according to users’ specific function, Data Recovery, File Recovery and Image Recovery. The previous two programs are not only provided the comprehensive features such as recuperate lost office documents however likewise developed in image recuperation device for picture, audio or video scanning and recuperating only, the last photo recovery software application, it is the certain program that just recover images, audios and video files. All these programs recuperate the lost video files with ease under following circumstances: accidental format and deletion, virus attack, unexpected disturbance during transfer, harmed or corrupted memory/SD/flash card, etc

Video Info Recovery Related Details

1. Support digital cameras: Sony handycam, Fuji Fine pix, Contour, Go Pro HD Helmet, Kodak ZX series, Samsung NX Series, Casio Ex series, Nikon Coolpix, Olympus C series, Panasonic. (Connect the cams to Mac computer system or plug the SD/memory card straight). 2. Support smart phones: HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, and so on. Android mobile phones.3. Support video file formats: MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, WMV, and so on 4. Support file systems: FAT, HFSX, HFS+ & NTFS formatted partitions / drives based upon Mac OS X.

Steps to Recuperate Video Files for Mac

Before following the guide, download the trial variation of Softtote Mac Image Recovery in download center, and install it in a various course to prevent overwriting lost information. 1. Link the external gadget to computer system so that program can acknowledge and scan to search.2. In the primary user interface, we can select the “Video” button just at right side to continue.

Recovering mp4 files

Recovering mp4 files

MP4 video files are assisted by various different tools like cams, PSP, iPod, cellphones etc. When people use those gadgets as storage space tools to save MP4 documents, they may experience data loss accidentally just like the data loss kept on the hard disk drive. When the MP4 files are not in the area where they need to be, don’t believe that your MP4 data have been gotten rid of completely. As a matter of fact, you manage to recover the lost MP4 data with properties.

If your lost MP4 documents were originally saved on your computer system, the initial thing you ought to do is to inspect your Recycle Container. If you simply erased them and really did not empty Recycle Container, you can quickly find your lost MP4 documents by clicking “Recover these documents” and recover MP4 data to their initial place. If you saved the shed MP4 data on various other gadgets, you still have the opportunity to do MP4 data rehabilitation quickly and efficiently when you have the effective MP4 Recuperation software program.


Causes of MP4 file loss

  • Unintentionally formatting
  • Empty the recycle container, or press the “command + erase” to erase MP4 permanently
  • Virus infection of MP4 video clips
  • Sudden power disruption on your computer
  • Corruption of storage space mediums
  • Various other factors.

Wonder share Image Recuperation software application is such a simple and reliable device, which can assist you reunite the erased, formatted, damaged and lost MP4 data from hard drive or partition. Download the software and comply with the guide to recuperate MP4 data with only 3 actions on Win. If you run the program in Mac device, prefer to download the Mac version to bounce back MP4 documents with the similar steps.